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Check back often.  We’ll be updating our site with more horses as soon as we can!

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Chado is a miniature Sicilian donkey. He is the friendliest little guy ever. At 2 days old he was climbing in the golf car with me. Chado was born June 8th. His dad is a white spotted jack and his mom is chocolate. He is broke to lead and will follow you anywhere !!


BRM'S JEZZY'S MAJESTIC ! I am very Majestic but you can call me " MAGIC " My mom's name is Jezabelle of Cedar Valley and she is a registered black and white appaloosa. My dad is 4K's Thunder Cloud and he is also a registered black and white appaloosa. I was born tri color, black, bay and white. I am changing color already. It's looking like I will be black and white by spring. I was 20 inches tall when I was born. I am very proud and like to show off. I love attention and am great around crowds. If you are looking for a very strong well built proud animal, look no farther. [gallery ids="1129,1130"]


The fun time of the year is upon us. We just had out first little foal. She is a black pinto appaloosa. We haven't named her yet but we just wanted to show you what fun we have ahead of us. She is already broke to lead. Can't wait to see what color she will turn out to be. She has a lot of white on her underside so it's looking like she will be a beautiful little filly. Keep checking back as I will update pictures of her as well as more information. I will also be adding the other babies as they are born so you can see what will be available for sale. Hurry Back !!!


These 3 beauties are a few of our previous babies. It is so much fun in the spring waiting to see what the year will bring. Will we have spots, blazes, blankets or boy or girl. They are so much fun as they all have different dispositions and attitudes. Watch this sight for what 2017 will bring. 

” They Say Curiosity Killed The Cat !! ” ??


BRM’S Dakota Wind —SOLD

We are putting up for sale this beautiful stallion. He was born May 3rd, 2014.  His dam, Pretty Little Traci, is a grey and white pinto and his sire, 4 K's Thunder is a black and white appaloosa. He came into this world with the appaloosa blanket and 4 white socks. He has a little white spot on his face. He has a great disposition and is broke to lead. Dakota Wind is measuring 21" on July 21st. You won't find this color combination to often. He is registered at  American Miniature Horse Registry, (AMHR). Don't miss out on the little guy. He has style, color and disposition all in this little package.

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