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  JERSEY GIRL is a very sweet little girl. The only filly we had this year. Her color is unusual for our horses. She has a black legs, black mane and tail, black stripe down her back and the rest of her face and body are a bay color. She is starting to show a little white in certain spots so she will probably change more to an Appaloosa color. It’s hard to tell but they are always changing colors.She has real fine features. Her full sister is Misty Blue who is farther down the page. Misty Blue is only 24 inches tall as a yearling so am thinking Jersey Girl will stay small also, though maybe not quite as small as Misty Blue. She is a very fine little girl !!!

Let’s talk this over!! “I get played with first”


 SKEETER is so tiny he’s like a skeeter!! He is only 17 inches tall. We had one last year that was 17 inches tall when she was born and is only 23 inches tall today. There is a picture of her at the Arboretum the second picture down on this website. He has color, personality and is absolutely the sweetest little guy you could ever want. He would even make a good house pet!! The little guy thinks he’s pretty smart scooting under mom. When our babies are little we always bring them in the house to check things out. They just wonder around house and think “I don’t see this stuff in my barn!!”  We haven’t  decided if we are going to sell him or not. I just wanted to share this little guy with you. I will add more pictures when we get him outside.


Hey look at this beautiful proud little boy!! He is one of the prettiest most perfect colts we have had. His mom has always had adorable babies but she out did herself with this one. He has a gorgeous head and face. He holds himself so proud, like “look at me. !!!! “ He would make a great driving horse, show horse or friend.  He is going to be a little bigger I believe, possibly class B miniature, so would make a great riding horse for the little ones. One thing I need to tell you is all our horses are paints and Appaloosas, so we are always anxiously waiting for the babies. Waiting to see what color we are going to get. So when Bingo walked around mom, what else could you say but BINGO!! We won the jackpot!!

Spring Time in the Country

We thought we would share our day at the Mary Jo Wagner Arboretums, Springtime in the country!! It was the most perfect day for young and old alike to enjoy the outdoors, the park, the animals and all the arboretum has to offer. The pictures are of 10 month old Misty Blue, without a care in the world and getting loved to death!!! Everyone was petting her and she just decided she was tired! So she laid down and let them play with her tail and feet and hug and kiss her. They made her day at Springtime in the Country!!


THE SPOOK has such loud and outstanding color!! He is just adorable! Where do I begin. He has one black ear and one white ear, an awesome blaze, a black ring around his left eye, all four white socks and is a clown. His mom is a black and white pinto and his dad is a black and white Appaloosa. He would make a great show horse as well as a great little  stallion.


SARG is really a little go-getter!! He is black with a bit of white starting to show the Appaloosa in him. His mom is a gorgeous black and white pinto with all kinds of homozygous spots. His dad is a black and white Appaloosa. This little guy will be fun to watch him change colors as he matures. If used as a stallion you would almost be sure you would get color in his babies. He is like the rest of our horses, gentle and loves attention.


MAJOR is a beautiful black and white pinto Appaloosa colt. He was broke to lead when he was 2 days old. He loves attention and he loves to return the attention when he is being scratched. His mom is a very nice black and white spotted mare and his dad is a black and white Appaloosa. He would make a great pet or companion for anyone, young or old!!


MISTY BLUE  was only 17 inches tall when she was born. At 4 1/2 months old she is only 23 inches tall. She comes in the house to visit once in awhile. She just wonders around and makes herself at home. She's not quite sure what to think of the tv or the Christmas tree but they catch her eye. She is the sweetest , littlest, most loveable little girl we have ever had. She is currently not for sale but I just wanted you to see this special little girl. Thank you for looking.



LOUIE Is a beautiful white spotted Sicilian Donkey jack. He was born September 15th, 2018. He is adorable and will lay in your lap and snuggle anytime you want. He even thinks he can drive a golf car !! LOL His mom is a black jenny and his dad is a white spotted jack.

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